Help Find Shane a Job

Shane Montgomery

Howard Beach, Queens, New York - 11414
Shane Montgomery


Below you will find my resume. Please let me know if you have any questions, or have any job prospects that I might be able to interview for. You may contact me here.

Please see my other skills:
• Good verbal and written communication.
• Close attention to detail.
• Bilingual – English and Spanish.

The following information outlines my Accomplishments and Professional Experience:

• Identified and installed new positions for security cameras, reducing the threat levels.
• Trained many junior security guards.


Security Officer
Zions Bancorporation – Buffalo, NY
(2010- Present)

• Patrolled the designated premises and other adjacent areas.
• Maintained the traffic to and from main business building.
• Performed regular safety inspection to ward of any security threats on time.
• ID cards checking of all the personnel entering the building.
• Investigated and then reported any illegal activity in the premises.
• Took quick and on the spot actions when required.

Security Guard
Ben & Fils Construction
New York, NY
(2003 to 2005)

• Monitored cameras
• Patrolled site for safety
• Checked fire extinguishers and alarms
• Prepared daily reports

Security Guard
Planned Security Services
New York, NY
(2011 to Present)

• Patrols site to prevent unauthorized access and theft of property and goods
• Secure doors, windows, gates and fences
• Monitors site to prevent vandalism of equipment and structures
• Reports all suspicious activities to the local police
• Check fire alarms and extinguishers
• Verify and check identification to enter the site in addition to preparing daily reports

Night Watchman

• Issued security passes into the bank premises.
• Directed visitors to proper section.
• Controlled the access into the bank.
• Patrolled certain assigned areas of the bank.
• Operated various sophisticated security equipment to monitor ongoing in the bank.


• G.E.D (2002)
• Queensborough community college (2006)

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.